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Orange Theory Fitness Minneapolis/Calhoun

Orange Theory Fitness Minneapolis/Calhoun

  • Facilities
  • Classes
  • Atmosphere

I recently completed my free week at Orange Theory Fitness in Minneapolis, Calhoun area, at the encouragement of two friends who have been going for several weeks now.  I love the atmosphere, the workout, and the soreness after!

How it works: you attend a 1 hour session of your choice, run on the treadmill for 26 minutes, then do a series of body weight or low weight/high rep exercises, all while a trainer leads the intensity level and exercise series.  The best (or worst) part – you strap on a heart rate monitor when you start, and your heart rate and the rest of the classes’ is on several TVs on the wall for everyone to see.  The goal is to get your heart rate in the “orange zone” (around 85% of your max) for 12-25 minutes of the hour workout.


  • Free week!
  • Instructor lead – no slacking, no leaving early (pro for me, I need the guilt factor of not quitting)
  • Great instructors – I had 3 different ones and was very happy with each’s motivation level and personal attention
  • Nice team/group atmosphere
  • The best workout I’ve tried to burn the most calories in an hour


  • Personal trainer prices
  • Can get crowded on weekdays – latecomers at my class had to row instead of run (I hate the row machine)
  • No real locker room – just shared bathrooms and lockers in a public area


  • Session packages, expire in 1 year – $180 for 10 classes, $320 for 20 classes
  • Limited membership, additional sessions extra – $99 for 8 sessions per month
  • Unlimited membership (need to check on this, anyone know the cost?  Put lack of prices on their website as a con)


Photo credit: orangetheoryfitnes.com

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