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Core Power Yoga – Downtown Minneapolis

Core Power Yoga – Downtown Minneapolis

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After my 10 classes expired at Moksha Yoga, I decided I enjoy hot yoga, and that I should try more yoga studios (preferably for free). So I signed up for my free week at Core Power Yoga in Minneapolis, a franchise yoga studio that has locations all around the Twin Cities and throughout the country.  First I tried Yoga Sculpt, on a Monday evening at 7pm.  The room was so much more crowded than I am used to, and I found myself dripping sweat on other people’s mat, and vice versa: yuck.  The dance pop music was loud and the instructor boot-camp intense, which I typically enjoy in a fitness class, but for yoga, it was the opposite of what I was hoping for.  I later tried Yoga 2 and Hot Power Fusion, both of which left me with the fatigued but relaxed feeling that I prefer.  The class size was not as claustrophobia-inducing for these time, probably because I went at 6am and Saturday, respectively.

The studio facilities are not as new as Moksha Yoga, but were fine. The locker room could use about double the space.


  • Full first week free
  • Lots of classes at various times to choose from
  • Membership and free week good at many locations


  • Crazy packed in the evenings in the studio and locker rooms
  • Have to pay for parking (Downtown Minneapolis)
  • Lots of very experienced members in class, not as welcoming for beginners (in the classes I tried)


  • Membership, $124/month (requires 30 day notice to cancel)
  • 1 month unlimited, $159
  • 10 class pack, $155 (expires in 6 months)
  • Drop-in, $19/class


  • Early morning class, the only way to get a full foot of buffer around your mat


Photo credit: facebook.com/pages/CorePower-Yoga (but my class was just as crowded)

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