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The Firm Minneapolis

The Firm Minneapolis

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Shortly after moving to Minneapolis in 2007, I was looking for a gym with some good classes, and a good enough website for me to find it, since I didn’t know many people to look for recommendations from.  I found The Firm, and signed up for a free week.  The classed did not disappoint – really challenging, motivating staff, pounding music.  The staff and most of the members are incredibly ripped, which is a pro for me, because it proves they push people and serves as motivation (I could see how this could be a con, if you have self esteem issues, but you’re at a gym so suck it up).

I’m cheap and didn’t want to commit to the full membership (currently $97/month), so I bought a 10-class package.  I participated in Pilates, spin, core, circuit training, bag boxing, yoga, and even a striptease class.  I would recommend all of them for a good sweat, although I see that the striptease class is no longer on their website, which is too bad, it was pretty fun.  The Pilates class was the best I’ve ever been to, and managed to stick with it 1 or 2 times per week for 2 entire summers.  When it got cold outside, the class would fill up too fast for me to get there in time, so I stopped going after my 10-class package ran out.

Another pro for the ladies?  Most of the guys the belong to The Firm are gay, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted attention while you’re doing your thing.

The last time I was at The Firm was before they moved to a bigger location, so look for an upcoming post when I buy another 10-class package and check out what’s new.


  • Extremely friendly and intensely motivating staff
  • Great facility – well kept, very warehouse/downtown feel
  • Juice bar!


  • Class packages – 5, 10, or 20-  have to be used up in 30,60, or 90 days, respectively, so you still have to go twice a week, which can be tough if you have a lot of class packages around the city, like I do
  • Expensive
  • Some classes fill up fast (last I checked)


(source: thefirmmpls.com)

  • Unlimited individual membership $97.13
  • Class packages: 5-$75, 10-$140, 20-$250


  • 2-hour spin class, but don’t planning on being able to walk the next day if you’re new to spin
  • Step class with Doug, who dresses and kind of looks like Rocky from Rocky Horror (in a good way)
  • Anything from the juice bar


What do you think about The Firm?  Anyone try the detox program or the personal or small group training?

Photo credit: thefirmmpls.com

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